COVID-19 Notice

All of our classes are only offered online and our Centre is currently closed until further notice. Please note that all practitioners are still offering private sessions.

Come out and reconnect with nature. Lets meet at the lake and draw the earth’s powerful energy through our Being.

Lets come together and remember why we are on this planet, what is really important in our life, and remind ourselves where it is that we are really going.

Lets connect with the sun and gaze through it so that the power of its rays will penetrate our Souls and warm our hearts as it re-balance our senses.

Lets stand by the water and breathe in the moisture and mist so that we can soften our outlook on life and remind our Self of what truly feels good in life.

Lets pause, lets breathe, let’s connect with nature as this is actually what we truly are. Let do it together in a grounding place with grounded people who understand the importance of being connected.

We will be down by the water so just park in the parking lot and join us down there. Feel free to bring a chair or yoga mat and bring water.