COVID-19 Notice

All of our classes are only offered online and our Centre is currently closed until further notice. Please note that all practitioners are still offering private sessions.

Join us for this magical evening of deep chanelling as we work with the Higher States of Consciousness and all the Higher Beings waiting there to support your Soul’s path.

Thoughts and emotions very often cloud our ability to reach our authentic Truth of what we really feel, what we really want, and what we really need because what we think and what we feel take over what is sometimes for our highest good.

On this evening, come out and find out insights that are waiting behind your veils of consciousness to reveal itself. Your ultimate truths are waiting to be revealed to you.

In this class we will explore direct messages as they are spoken to Lisbeth through Source energy. You can ask questions and or ask for guidance and we will check in to see what answers and guidance that awaits us there.

Lisbeth is an extremely gifted energy worker that has been working with Source for many years and enjoys chanelling these messages and guidance to others in a loving and sacred environment.

We look forward to seeing you all there.