Connecting to Archangels

Hosted by Irene M Blais

January – June 2018

The purpose of this series is to share information and practices on how to connect with archangels and through their powerful energies, receive:

Love,  Guidance, Support Strength Healing Protection Inspiration Information and discussions shared will ensure that by building a relationship with archangels, you can receive their support on a day-to-day basis and for spiritual growth. Information will include for example:

Meaning of archangel names; Role within angelic realm; Areas of specialty and strength for each archangel; Colours and crystals aligned with each archangel; Meditations and channelled messages. Archangels discussed will include Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Raguel, Raziel, Ariel, Haniel.

Price is $25 per bi-weekly session

Irene M Blais is a Metatron Colour HealingTM Practitioner and Teacher and a Reiki Practitioner.  She offers Metatron Colour HealingTM Levels I and II training workshops along with angelic energy workshops.


January 10


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre


Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre

720 Guelph Line Suite 302B

Burlington, ON, CA