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Past Life Group Meditation

There are many opinions of what past life is and where the information comes from.  Some information comes from our ancestor’s cell memories that are encoded in our DNA. Because we are made of matter, the cells in that matter contain memories of those who lived before us and their lives. Some information is from universal consciousness. 

Each of us is unique and has an individual soul. Our life in this world is about our soul’s growth. The soul picks a body so it can learn and grow.  Past life information comes from the souls experiences through each incarnation. This information can help up in this life and assist us with our continuing evolvement. We can use past life meditation to heal wounds and energy that we are still carrying with us and holding on to from past lives.

Come out and discover your soul’s journey!

Facilitator Carrie Chilcott


December 8


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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