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Journey Through The Chakras – Meet Your Higher Yourself

So many have heard of the word Chakras and have experienced meditations and other discussions about it. Many of you may still be asking, what are they, are they real or they just a spiritual word.

Journey Through The Chakras workshop (a practical approach) covers the physical and the spiritual side of how your Chakras affect your daily life. You will learn ways of how to open and clearing them. Create tokens in your subconscious mind (inner child) to trigger awareness (feedback) which allow you to take back your power.

In this workshop you will also get to experience the sounds that activates each Chakras, through your own voice and imprinted into your DNA via Quantum Sound Therapy.

What will be covered:

• Chakras – Names, meaning, location, colours and sound

• Does everyone have Chakras?

• How does Chakras affect our every day lives?

• How does Quantum Sound Therapy help with my Chakras?

• Why use essential oils with Chakra clearing?

• Chakras Meditation

Note: Essential Oils will be used in this workshop, please let me know if you are allergic to any scents. These are 100% pure organic oil made by doTerra.


February 9


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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