Yoga is a practice of finding presence, stillness, and connecting to yourself and your body. Yoga invites you to quiet your mind, to stretch and strengthen your body, and to feel your inner strength.

Yoga is a practice of accepting where you are each day, of tuning in, listening and honouring yourself and your body. It is a time to slow down, breathe, be playful, smile, rest, and love yourself. Your mat is safe and loving place to show up exactly as you are.  

Alana is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has her 2nd degree Reiki. She has been part of Luminous Energetic Pathways for 2 years and feels so blessed to be part of the Luminous Community.


December 12


09:00 am - 10:15 am

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Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre


Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre

720 Guelph Line Suite 302B

Burlington, ON, CA