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Reality Creation: What is it?

There is no deeper meaning, just as the phrase states, “Reality Creation”, in the literal sense.

This workshop covers both the spiritual (intuition and inspirational) and physical (conscious, subconscious mind and action based reprogramming of your current life). You will also learn about intentions and counter intentions and how they can sabotage you on your path to creating your life.

What to expect in this workshop:

·  Intuition and Inspiration – how are they different.

·  Advance Law of Attraction – How to use this primal law to get into vibrational alignment.

·  2 meditation of Quantum Jumping

·  Mindset Scripting – A hypnotherapy style meditation in creating the new story of your life.

·  Learn the difference between visualization and imagination.

·  Learn how to believe affirmations that you create for yourself.

At the end of this workshop you will gain new insights and tools to start to creating the life you want.

This workshop is an introduction to my 12-week course that is going to be done through Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre. The topics in this workshop is part of the full course.  Look at our Meetup postings for the starting dates.


May 9


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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