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I-Ping Wong, BSc, EMP, LHP

Licensed Holistic Practitioner
Certified in Thai Yoga Massage

I-Ping Wong, BSc, EMP, LHP, began her massage/healing journey back in her native fishing village of southern China. As a young child, she constantly thumped on her grandparents’ backs to ease their aches and pains. In 1992, her mind-body exploration took seed within the temples of Thailand in a long silent meditation retreat and a traditional Thai massage intensive training.

She was deeply moved and inspired after learning that this 2500 year old massage art was intricately linked to the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness and the intention to relieve all beings of suffering. Also, Thai massage also incorporates principles of Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, which often results in clients reporting a long-lasting release and balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Later, I-Ping furthered her advanced levels in Thai massage in Canada, learning Table Thai, Herbal Heat Compresses and Thai Reflexology. Being fascinated by other modalities, she continued her education in Holistic Health at the Transformation Arts College, Bamboo Fusion Massage, Raindrop Massage/Essential Oils, Energy Medicine, Shadow Energetics, Reiki levels 1,2 and 3 as well as Reconnective Healing and Bio-geometry.

Therefore a massage session with I-Ping takes you on a unique journey to your essence while helping you release, nurture, relax and come to balance.