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Kale Black

Energy Worker (Reiki)
Meditation Group Facilitator
Energy Work & Spiritual Guidance
Motivational Speaker

At 30 years old, Kale has already accumulated more 5 years of experience as a professional in the Holistic Community as well as more than a decade of experience working as an Environmental Professional & Facilitator. He is passionate about being a catalyst for positive change in the world, doing his part to help create a better world for people, the environment, and all forms of life that we share this beautiful and precious planet with.

Kale has always had an intense interest in Spirituality and Community and felt like he had found a second home when he discovered Luminous Energetic Pathways in the fall of 2014. He quickly became a regular at the Centre’s bi-weekly Meditation Circles as well as the bi-weekly Qi Gong classes (led by Luminous Founders Lisbeth & Edward Fregonese) which were pivotal in his own journey of healing and self-discovery.

Kale’s strong sensitivity to people, emotions and energy allows him to deeply connect with each client and provide a mixture of intuitive and channeled Spiritual Guidance, as well as a unique approach to Energy Work. Every session is unique!

He began his training in Energy Work by taking courses in Reiki with both Alison Bastarache as well as Carrie Chilcott before expanding his knowledge into other modalities as well (Aqualead, Queldon, Hypnosis and Crystal Healing).