Michelle Smye Hughes

Certified Plant-based Nutritionist
Whole Food Consultant/Educator
Author, “Plant-Based Secret”, “Vegetable Nirvana”

Our physical bodies are our vessels and the energy we ingest through our food enhances our journey in more ways than you can imagine.

Connecting to food as natured intended, through the trees, plants and seeds, enables our transformation to become the person who chooses that which is so healthy and good for them because that is what we desire. To allow that connection is not denial but enables a natural flow which brings abundance to our lives.

Individual Consultations allow personal attention to enable expression and understanding of our connection to food and assist you with commencement toward your desired goal.

Follow Up Sessions are available to provide support along your journey and offer resources as required (research, recipes, consultation) Recipe plans and resources are offered to establish “enjoyment” of food through our “taste buds” and our “lifestyles”.

Private Cooking Classes in your own home (up to 4 guests) Are helpful to those who are new to cooking or creating from whole plant foods and offer a physical demonstration of techniques and the enjoyment of a meal together.Workshops offer a variety of subjects and are a wonderful introduction to the world of whole plant foods through light refreshments and community