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Nina Menrai

Energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Counsellor

Nina’s work as an Energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Counsellor integrates the mind body and spirit by addressing the needs of the soul, spirit, and experiences of the human journey. As a Spiritual Coach, she brings her love of meditation and study of the Universal Oneness that flows through all world spiritual traditions. She believes that having this understanding will bring healing, peace and unity consciousness to our world. With Energy Medicine, she works to remove the blocks that impede an individual’s ability to feel whole and vibrant.

She is deeply rooted in reality and lives, a rich and varied life. She brings a balanced perspective of the business world and an in-depth understanding and respect for all-world spiritual philosophies and traditions. Her well-rounded views provide a diverse tapestry of understanding when connecting with clients.

Nina was born in Wales, UK and moved to Vancouver, Canada with her parents when she was a young girl. Since the age of nine, she has been a meditation practitioner and an ongoing student of Eastern philosophy and the Feminine Divine.

Her professional career began in the healthcare sector where she spent 14 years. She embarked on a journey to heal and deepen her spiritual work. During this time of transition, she answered her soul’s calling to follow her passion and love for healing. She went on to receive a Diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Direction, and Total Self and studied various forms of energy healing. Since then, Nina sees clients one-on-one and runs workshops for children and adults on Energy Work, Intuition, the Chakras and the Kundalini, connecting to the Non-Physical World, Meditation, and the Feminine Divine

In 2014, Nina’s passion for mental health led her to co-found a charity called Heartache 2 Hope that provides bereavement services for individuals who have experienced a loss due to suicide within Halton and surrounding areas.

“We are innately gifted to heal ourselves, but sometimes the blocks within us interfere with our ability to do so and we require help. With your permission, I’m able to access an entry point – in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level – and facilitate the self-healing process so that you can experience a life that is richly rewarding.”  – Nina

Nina Menrai is known for her unique approach to guiding people on their path to self-healing. Her compassionate nature and intuitive healing (serve as a catalyst) have helped transform lives.