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Energy Sessions

Lisbeth is a sparkle of light and as soon as you enter her home you feel peace and love. She is truly blessed with Spiritual gifts to guide her students and clients towards clarity and balance. God truly gifted her to be an Earth Angel……. I am truly honored in having her in my life and she holds a special place within me……. she can sometimes be my Soul Sister…… Spiritual teacher….. or Energy worker.Blessings and Love
Barbara Varanelli

Certified Energy Practitioner, Energy Psychology, Reiki Master and Level 1 CFQ Qigong Instructor

You helped me so much Lisbeth. I came out of your home drained of energy but the next day I felt no guilt anymore.It is my time now and I felt great about it. I look forward to new horizons.Thank you, you have helped me make my life so much more meaningful and peaceful.I am not the same person I was a year ago and that is a great thing.I am light and focused and happy with no guilt, just contentment.
Linda Loiselle., Burlington

I have been asking for help and guidance in my meditations and it didn’t seem like I was getting any. But when I met Lisbeth and had an intuitive energy session with her I knew that I had been guided to her for help. She was able to validate a lot of stuff that strengthen my confidence in myself. She also gave me some great insight into how to improve my life and journey here. She is an angel in human form.
G.H. Freelton

Lisbeth’s intuition cuts right to the heart of the matter. Every session I have had with her has been unique and I leave with greater clarity than before. I am so grateful for her gifts of guidance, patience, and strength. She is a wonderful energy worker!Love and Blessings
Reena Parikh

Energy sessions: I found Lisbeth’s energy work with me to be very supportive. The sessions helped me deal better with my stress and some physical issues. Lisbeth explains what she will be doing and puts you at ease. I am a health professional but open to other avenues of energy balancing, I think everyone needs a tune up like this once in a while!
Linda E

Energy Sessions: What can I say; Lisbeth was right on with reading me. I received the message to do a lifestyle change but didn’t act on it and so life gave me a kick to tell me I have to. This also gives me the opportunity to do a lot of research and eventually a change of my career. Love & Light

My experience with Lisbeth’s energy sessions are amazing. I cannot describe how intuitive Lisbeth is as she always knows how and what to do. We start with me explaining why I am there to see her and then she helps get rid of any emotional blocks that are holding me back. She always finishes the session by explaining what she saw in her vision as she was working on me and gives me guidance on how to move forward. Lisbeth is one of a few people that I have had the opportunity of receiving help from and has been a huge part of my progress this past year which has been an amazing year. Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams and goals for 2012 Lisbeth and I am looking forward to see how much I can achieve in 2013 with love and gratitude in my heart
Crystal Difelice, Hamilton,Ontario

Thank you again for your generous time and spirit. You are living proof of a greater sense of self.I am feeling really good and mellow. My breathing is clearer now. My body needs rest and a bit of quiet.You are the best energy worker I have EVER had the privilege of working with…and that is no BS!
M.M. Toronto

Just a note to thank you for the powerful energy work I received yesterday!It was great, totally different from any I experienced before and I am still integrating much of it. It came directly from the heart!!!!I do feel more positive, more happy and more hopeful than I have for some time and this in itself is a good step in the right direction.

I’ve been meaning to send you a note to let you know how grateful I am for our session back in June. My summer was spent re-evaluating my relationship with “The List”. It didn’t happen overnight, but little by little I have really opened up my daily routines to invite space and silence and time for inspiration. Also, some of your observations relating to my business were pivotal for the discovery of some new directions. And I am especially thankful for your help in releasing the financial guilt that I’d been carrying. Phew :-)Just thought you should know!

All the best,

K.T., Burlington

Aura/Chakra Resonance Frequency Sessions

In the past, with usage of her “Auric Biofeedback Cleansing” instruments, she has enabled clearing of toxic energy that have plagued my physical well being. I found this to be very helpful in improving my health, most noticeably, in removing physical pains that I was experiencing. Recently, she started a new program with Dr. Melissa Howe of White Pines Naturopathic Clinic and recommended that I go see her. She works closely with Dr. Melissa, to determine exactly which remedies will be the most beneficial for you personally. This I understand is through testing of your energy readings with the various treatments available through naturopathic medicines. Through their joint testing method, they are able to zero in on which remedy is the best for me specifically. Lisbeth, focuses in on my energy body readings with her “Auric Biofeedback Cleansing” instruments determining exactly which energy areas of my body are low and requiring treatment and Dr. Melissa treats the physical ailments through her naturopathic methods and prescriptions. With this joint collaboration, I have found that my improvement in health has grown by leaps and bounds. I now am able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel so much more positive about life and daily living. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking wellness. Thank you Lisbeth, you have become a dear friend and truly are a blessing to me and all those you work with.From my heart to yours, my appreciation and gratitude.

Love and Light to you,

Kathy Gloge

Astara Designs and Creations

Since my mother has been having treatments from Dr. Melissa Howe and Lisbeth, her energy has improved and the pain in her legs is gone. She looks younger and feels happier.
Lynda .S., Toronto

There have been times in my life when I haven’t been sure who to turn to for support. In this instance of deep grief and stress I feel blessed to have reached out to Dr. Melissa Howe and Lisbeth Fregonese, for both my 16 year old son and myself. I’m taking responsibility to enhance physically and emotionally and to feel a higher level of energy. I’m striving for a vibrancy which I haven’t enjoyed in many years. These two gifted Professionals are supporting us with energy teachings, natural remedies and supplements our bodies need. We continue our journey of Well Being, personal growth with their mutual support and kindness.
Sandra Raymond, B.Sc. RMT

Making and appointment with Lisbeth was the best thing I ever did for my well being. By the first session I had with her I was already feeling 80% improvement from the stomach ailments I have been suffering with for decades. In my eyes Lisbeth is an angel that truly cares about those she sees and works from the heart to help them find balance.

Thank you Lisbeth.

Kelly C, Waterdown, ON

My experience with Lisbeth and Dr.Melissa has helped me tremendously. They continue to help me physically and emotionally as I progress and stay on track with my overall well being. I have had a long and amazing year filled with strength as I have worked with both of them to overcome so many obstacles in my life. I feel so much relief after there joint care on my lungs and other areas. I highly recommend there services to anyone.
Crystal Difelice, Hamilton,Ontario

I feel good – I guess the best description is I feel lighter. My sinuses are a bit better – I have been rinsing them to help.I have gone two days without a nap and my head doesn’t feel as foggy. Chest and lung pains are gone.Another month with no PMS or related migraine! Yeah
A.B., Burlington


Hi! Lisbeth I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful night at the spiritual gathering at your home.Christine & I enjoyed it so very much and being in such beautiful and loving energy!

Thank you so much for embracing me in your seminar today. I learned so much and met some amazing women.I am so looking forward to starting my new journey and I just know that you all will be a most valued part of that journey.Thank you all again for a wonderful awakening.

It was such a pleasure for me to be asked to participate in your seminar. I had a wonderful day, experienced so much beautiful energy and had many learnings about myself through the preparation and day of the event. I’m very grateful. It was so interesting that as I was preparing my words for the group that I was avoiding what was coming up. I understand why now and so the learning was immense. I love your energy too…You are so vibrant and passionate…It’s energizing for me to witness and learn from those who are living their truth. A big hug and many thanks.
M.V., Burlington

Thank you for a wonderful day filled with inspiration. I loved getting to know you more also; you are a beautiful giving being and give so freely of yourself. I have been meditating a lot and had some pretty big break throughs. I appreciate the insight and open sharing we were able to do so freely. I have not stopped thinking about what you said and it has given me self assurance. Doors keep opening within me and the external world, like a snow ball going downhill. Information and synchronicity was everywhere. I am more open, so more aware. Thank you for giving so much.

Guided Meditation

I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with the services and professionalism of your Spiritual Mediation classes. You have demonstrated your great knowledge and flexibility with my schedule and this is very important to me and my family. Your MEDITATION sessions from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other places I have dealt with and gone to in the past. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you open your home to and have to deal with each day. My personal attendance (which may be very different to others) was merely to distress from a very hectic life and career, so coming to your classes was so invigorating yet calming and soothing. I will wholeheartedly recommend and endorse to anyone your business: LUMINOUS ENERGETIC PATHWAYS.. They are a breath of fresh air and stress release to the craziness of life. I wish you much success, peace, love and harmony. Kind regards,
Sonja Tome’-Moreira

The best way to spend a Sunday morning!! It was an amazing meditation with a group of amazing people.I look forward to each meditation and the continuing feeling of strength and balance.
Barbara Johnston, Burlington

My wife and I really enjoy the group meditations. Lisbeth is a wonderful guide and the atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. We always feel uplifted from the experience.
G.H. Freelton

Meditation classes with Lisbeth are always an adventure, you never know what she’s channelling. It always turns out to be something fantastic, like a energy session for one of the people present or going to a safe place within. After some time I even met my spirit teacher. He didn’t say anything but that was because I didn’t have any questions. I love the animals coming through too. This class is for beginners or advanced, no matter where you are at. Everyone is learning and it is always customized. Thank you Lisbeth.Love & Light

I thoroughly enjoy Lisbeth’s meditation classes. I experience incredible peace & stillness & increased clarity whenever l attend. They contribute to my continual growth & allow me to experience life more fully. She is a wonderful instructor & herself & the other attendees provide a very welcoming & comfortable atmosphere
Patricia Vince